In May 2017, Aotea Great Barrier Island was granted International Dark Sky Sanctuary status. This means our night sky can be protected and conserved for future generations, as well as enhancing our island’s reputation as a very special place.

Join us on a guided journey of discovery through the lands of the Marae. See the heavens through the eyes of Māori. Follow the footprints of our ancestors back into the past. Share the stories of our history.

Immerse yourself in a full cultural experience with our daytime or dark sky guided walks on Motairehe Marae, including a Powhiri - Traditional Welcome and a Hangi - food cooked in the traditional way. Share in the Korero of our solar system,Te whanau Marama.

Walk the Land of our Ancestors and listen to the ancient calls as we guide you to the Taumata - top of our Maunga and take in the heavens. View the dark sky through binoculars and telescopes set up on our Taumatu. We will guide you through the solar system and share the beautiful names; from the mystic and imaginative to the strikingly beautiful.

You will feel the call and know you are part of us now.